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    Question Red Rash?? Anyone know??

    My ds has developed a rash in the last two days. He doesn't scratch or itch it but the thing is its on his bumb but looks like diaper rash and than its on his hands, now on his feet, a few spots on his legs and a few near mouth. They look like red little bumps sort of like hives. I have used a different detergent lately and gave him a bath in a different soap... but would that make the rash spread?? Its really bad on his bottom and hands. Just wondering if there is any viruses going around with a rash or if hives can stay for a few days? Is he too young for childrens Benadryl?

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    could be a reaction to the new detergent and/or soap...I would switch back to what you were using before. Not sure what age ihe is....couldn't hurt to get him looked at a Doctor would be better able to diagnose and treat it.

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