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    Default the dreaded 2WW!

    I took Femara for this cycle. side effects were not too bad, just headache and cramps around ovulation. did day 21 progesterone blood work and it came back at 21. They said anything over 10 means I ovulated, so yay me! now we wait....and wait....and wait.... I've had a few cramps or pangs here and there and I feel bloated. Maybe i'm over analyzing LOL but its all I can do while I wait! Please help me get through 1 more week to test!

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    That two week wait was always to worst. Try to keep busy and try not to focus on it to much. My body liked to play tricks on me and I hated that. Good luck and I am happy to hear it worked. Femara got me ds. It took a few months but worked in the end.
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