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    Default self referral to soft clinic


    has anyone self referred to soft?

    a few people mentioned that if my dh has his semen analysis done before going to soft, they are going to do it there anyways and in more depth.. my dr wants my dh to get tested before, and i am waiting to see an endo dr b/c of my thyroid fluctuating... but i am curious about self referral.

    I think maybe if i called this week and self referred that i would get in a lot quicker (otherwise i have to wait til the end of sept when dh is going to his drs for just the requisition for his just seems the process is being dragged out ( basically because he wont go to his drs before the end of sept b/c he already has an appt for another issue and thinks its silly to go twice.

    i think its silly for him to do this, and then get it done again at soft..what does everyone think?

    i am unsure on the self referral..dont want to upset my dr..but she wont refer us until dh has himself tested..and i just think by the time he has that done and then actually goes and does it (thats a whole other story) and we get to soft... its going to be december! i figure there is a wait to get in there.

    I also am unsure if my dr wants to wait and see what the endo drs results are before she sends me for confused!

    i wonder if soft can do thyroid testing on site?

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    I am pretty sure that soft does thyroid testing. When you see them for the first time they do 3 things. Blood work on you, tubal dye test and a semin analysis. So it doesn't really make sense that your doctor is doing one. My dh hated having to do the test so I know he wouldn't of wanted to do it twice. I wouldn't worry about upsetting your doctor. You need to do what is right for you. I would call the clinic next week and get the ball rolling.
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    They don't usually accept self referrals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chantelle View Post
    They won't accept self referrals.
    Ok, sorry. I was wrong about that. So, you'll have to ask your dr. to refer you in, faith, but I'd approach it by saying that you obviously need a fertility dr. and since fertility dr. are both ob/gyn and endos that you'd like a referral to SOFT (or another fertility clinic of your choosing).

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