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    Default Stay At Home Mom

    Hi ladies,

    My baby just turned one so my mat leave recently ended but I have decided to stay home and join the Stay At Home mom world. I feel very blessed to be able to do this but am struggling a bit as all of my friends who have been off with me this year have now returned to work. I almost feel left out as they have all bonded over the "returning to work experience". Have any other Stay at home moms experienced this? How have you met other Stay at home Moms?


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    Yes, it's hard. You feel a bit like you've suddenly become marooned on a little island or something.

    I guess the short answer is that you need to let go of mat leave and find a new routine. Carve out some time for yourself as well. Put some structure into your week.

    It's hard to meet other SAHMs, I've found.

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    I didn't really meet any other Moms until my son started school this year, honestly.

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    I have lots of SAHM friends here's how I met them:
    -through this website post a thread to the meetup section!
    -through my church
    -through OEYC drop in groups (here's the calendar- if you go to the same small community group each week you will meet lots of SAHMs)
    -take a course through childreach... there's lots of little classes they offer on early literacy or toddler fun or whatever

    my biggest advice is to get out of the house! there's lots of places to take little ones, the OEYCs are great for toddlers. Parks, children's museum, walks, it's all good and gets you out of the house and socializing. And little ones love a change of scenery.


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    With my first, I made no mom friends until he was over two years old, and we started going to an OEYC five days a week. Then I made lots of friends. With my second, I was also involved in a mom forum (different city then), met friends through there. Then I did the same in the next city, (here), and made friends here that way. Once they're in school if you walk them there, its pretty easy to make friends that way...moms you see every day, chat with, just ask them out for coffee. Worst they can say is no But til then it's a long stretch, so try library storytime/songs, oeyc, local park, here.
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