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    Default BOWS, Feathers Oh My!

    I am NEW to LM and I was hoping for some help. I had a lady in the Chatham area who made bows, feathers, clippies, headbands, etc, pretty stuff for little girls - I have been trying to find a wholesale supplier or someone who makes these types of things in the London area. I know what my girlie girls like , so.... any mommies out there who know where I can get supplies to make the bows and feather clips and of course bling them out on my own please share. Any suggestions are welcome (Local craft stores and Michaels's store are just too expensive). Thank you

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    I am in London Ontario, I am just starting to make them, my prices are going to be less then any store I have seen so far about $2.00 - $3.50, headbands, clips, leggings . The clips and headbands are handmade, the leggings are bought in bulk so they are also going to be cheaper than most stores; About $3.00. I don't have any feathers yet, but if you give me a feather I can see about making a headband for you. My supplies are coming next week sometime in the mail.
    If you have any questions text/call me at 519-878-7828, or email me at

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