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    Default Paper work for daytrips?

    We are planning one or two day trips across the boarder this first time in years that my entire household has had a passport.

    Do I still need all the notarized letters and such to take DD across? Would just a letter from her father be enough? She is 10, so can answer questions if asked.

    Last time we crossed with her it was for a week in Florida when she was 4, so I had all the paper work ready. After all the money spent on it, they didn't ask to see a thing.
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    You still need a letter from her Dad stating he is aware she is going, the date and that you have his permission to take her and a contact phone number for him. Doesn't have to be notarized, if they do ask for it, they could always call him to verify it. I have never been asked either but it's better safe than sorry.....saves being potentially turned away. The same is true for parents that are married/together if one parent is going across the border with the children and without their partner technically they should have a letter from the other parent stating their knowledge.....

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    This website outlines exactly what you ought to have on you. I suggest bringing what they say, just in case they ask:
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    The state law may be vary for that state so its better that you complete all legal work before going to a trip.Because due to security reason most of the state have strict their rules and regulation.

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