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    Default What do I say???

    Our next door neighbour who's a distant cousin lost her baby last night. She was 20 weeks pg. This is a long-awaited and wanted baby. I'm heartbroken and sick for them. It was actually a twin pregnancy but the other twin was lost at 7 wks and then it appeared that this baby was going to be ok.

    Their two little girls play almost daily with my kids. I talked to my ds (our dd1 is too young to understand) this morning and explained it to him since we're not going to be home when he gets home from school today. I'm worried about him not being sensitive to the girls.

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    How old is he? If he's say, six or more, I'd probably say something like “Remember ____ had a baby growing in her belly? Well, the baby died, and ____ and family are very sad. Please don't mention the baby to them, ok, because it might make them sad to talk about. But you can talk about it with me in private if you have any questions.“ something like that.
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    I think it's only natural for the children to discuss it if they want to. I probably wouldn't pressure him either way, you never know, the girls themselves may want to talk about it.

    As far as your cousin, she has suffered an incredible loss, and I bet you being there to watch the girls and maybe drop off some food/snacks would be very comforting to her right now.

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