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    Default Allergies in Toddlers

    What are the symptoms of allergies in toddlers and how are they treated? I'm wondering if my 21 month old DD might have seasonal allergies. She's had cold symptoms for months now. She has a dry cough which is worse at night, constant runny nose (clear not yellow/green), and lately she's had some eye watering when outside and then just developed redness under her eyes. Neither me or my husband have allergies. We took her the doctor a month ago but he said it was a cold. If it is allergies, what's the next step?
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    When we had those issues (with both kids) we were told to use either children's Claritin of children's aerius. I'd go back to the doctor first though just to rule anything else out.

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    My pediatrician once told me that allergies do not show all symptoms like they do with adults... Just keep the doctor informed, it is not something they just assume because kids change as they grow up. My daughter has been tested for allergies (beginning at 2yo) yearly and hers change every year. the test I find very unreliable when they are young.

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