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    Default Art credit

    I filed taxes... and put in my child's fitness receipts but I noticed that there's a section for "art credit". Can you tell me more about it, and what receipts would be eligible for it for next year?
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    Hi there -

    The art credit is similar to the fitness credit in that it relates to organized activities provided by a third party that run at least 8 weeks or 5 consecutive days.

    The difference is that it's effectively most types of NON fitness activities like music lessons, drama, cooking, leadership, language or academic based programs.

    There isn't a specific list of what's allowable and what's not .... Generally if you can support the notion that the program is designed to develop some type of cultural or creative or art activity and its clearly NOT a fitness activity .... Then claim it.

    Don't hesitate to file an adjustment for 2012 if you think you have an entitlement. Easy peasy to file one.

    Hope that helps!

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