I haven't seen a single flyer out anywhere in my travels so far this year?? What's up with that! I usually take a bunch around with me and find that you've already done your work and posted them.

The sale is only as good as you make it. You were all to start putting up flyers as soon as you got them a few weeks ago.

If you don't put up your flyers and neither does the mom beside you, how do you expect to have any shoppers to buy your items?

One week before the sale is the absolute deadline but ideally flyers should be up a month in advance.

Some suggestions for great places to put up flyers are:
Daycare centres
Grocery stores
Doctor's office
Midwives office
Dental offices
Your place of employment

You can electronically post them on facebook, twitter, other websites (with permission of course) your own business page if you have one.

Please post here where you have already put up flyers so we don't have people doing flyer runs and hitting places that were already done.

Grovesnor Preschool is done, Service Canada, the libraries will be done all at once, and some childcare centres will also be posting/sending out flyers.

Have you seen a flyer? Tell us where you saw it!

Anyone not a vendor that would be able to help us put up some flyers? We can email it to you and you can print and display it at your workplace, church, childcare etc. Thanks so much for your help!