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    Default haha Nurse doesn't understand Elaina!

    Took babydd to the dr's today, for the rest of her catchup needles. Well the nurse was going through all the nippissing criteria and chatting about Elaina's development. I have no concerns btw, about her development.
    Anyway, she asked me tolist E's words, so I did. She said "Wait, what about words like hungry, please, milk, eat?" I said no, none of those. She says "Well, how does she let you know if she's hungry or thirsty?!"
    I said oh, you don't know Elaina....
    If she's hungry, she stands in the kitchen and points at her stomache and goes in!in! lol
    and if she's thirsty she takes a cup from the drawer, takes it to the fridge water dispenser, stands on tippy toes and tries to push the button
    Geez lady. lol.

    I liked that the dr asked me about her words, E pointed at him and did her usual (something like "yaya ba dadadaba ba ya.") and he chuckled and said, well, no worries there eh.
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    Lol, that's cute.

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