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    Default Why does he have to make me look like the bad guy??

    My ex is an ass butt!!

    I took my son to get his grade 12 grad pics done, and let my ex know that if he wants to order some he just needs to go to Loblaws and order. As I signed a paper saying anyone can order pics (since I was gonna let my ex get some).

    So I showed my ex the 4 poses and gave him the details of how to order his own etc, and told him the signed consent is only for 2 months.

    He says np, I will let my mom know. I texted him last month to remind him only a month left on the consent, he replied oh yeah.

    Today I get a call asking if I want the consent extended, as no one has ordered since I did. I texted my ex, and he says I forgot.

    So I called his mom (we do not get along cause of the lies he told her) to let her know I extended the consent until the week after Easter, she says what are you talking about. He didn't even tell his mother about the pics, she was told by him that I refused to get his grad pics done!!!

    I told her you know me better then that, and him lying to you about this proves he will lie about anything. We did have a good chat and I'm hoping this puts us back on the right track.

    I am so tired of my ex doing this shit though, it hurts me to know he will do anything to make me look like a bad parent. My kids are my world, I would never deliberately hurt them like he has.

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    yep your ex is an jackass.

    I really believe that when they are like yours and mine for them its to try to save face, instead of people seeing them as they are they have to make us look bad becasue they know if everyone knew the truth they would have no one.

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    Wow. Good thing he's an ex, eh? What a .
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    Unfortunately it likely won't change and you will have to find a way to let it roll off your shoulders and not let it get you so upset and angry each time he does/says something to deliberately hurt you or make you look bad. Mine is the same way and it has not changed in almost four years. Sure he still makes me mad but most of the time I just shake my head and laugh because I know the truth of the matter and it always comes out eventually. YOu don't need to defend yourself to him or anyone....just keep doing what you are doing and be proud of yourself.

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