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    Default CCTB question

    I filed at my MP office for separated status on Feb 28 which was 90 days after I moved out and left my DH. I see on My Account that my CCTB has risen as of April. But theres also this section that states a credit on my account for underpayment for Jan, Feb and Mar. But all it says is a credit and no other info. Anyone explain to me what this all is? I thought the amount only changes after 90 days of separation and I'd only be paid the old amount for CCTB for those 90 days. So what does that credit mean?

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    I think they are crediting you the difference for the months that you were separated, but your 'maritial status' can't be changed until 90 days

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    It's actually backdated to the date you were physically living apart. You have to wait 90 days to apply (presumably because you could move back in after a bad fight a month later and that would be a lot of paperwork for them! lol)

    Your rate changes the day you separate but you can't apply for the new rate until after the 90 days. Does that make sense?

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