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    I'll be there in 10 mins anyone else coming?

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    DS1, DS2 and I had a great time and was there from 11:30ish to after 1pm. I met up with momoelliot and her DS1 (9) and DD1 (6) -- this is who introduced me to LM's ) Othewise I did not see any other LM's there, tried to see if ChinUp was there and pumpkinpie. I wished I had a bright fushia pink LM's t-shirt! Saw lots of my Old South neighbours though as Watson Park was so close. mizsquizz, we must have just missed you.

    We took lots of photos ... DS1 and DS2 had so much fun as usual on Earth Days. This was our first time at Watson Park. There was bird watching, tree planting, birdhouse making, juggling, face painting (both DS1 and DS2 wanted to be penguins on an iceberg!), and both got balloon made walkie talkies on their head so we could all keep track of each other LOL!).

    HEA, we should make this an annual LM's event! Thanks for organizing.
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