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    Default transitioning from bottle to sippy cup

    My daughter is 16 months and has been drinking out of a bottle since day 2 in the hospital. Anyways, I know she probably should have stopped drinking out of a bottle a few months ago, but we just started trying a few days ago. She refuses to drink milk out of sippy cup. She has gone from drinking about 20 ounces of milk a day, to nothing. She will still drink water from her sippy cup, but refuses milk.

    Should I just keep trying with the sippy cup? I feel like she isn't getting enough fluids now.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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    Have you tried a cup with a straw? Or even just a regular cup.

    and yes, just keep on trying
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    Just keep trying. And remember she gets lots of liquid from food too. I make sure to give my son plenty of things like oatmeal or yogurt if he's not having much milk. Or even milky puddings. Rice pudding, custard etc.

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    My son just stopped using his bottle to say and I am embarrassed to admit that he is almost 27 months. He would drink water out of a sippy cup, water bottle, regular cup but refused to drink milk. My husband told me not to worry about it and wanted me to buy new bottles, but I decided that once the remaining nipples we had were ruined (he was biting them) we were done. I started having my son throw them away when they had holes. We were down to our last two and my husband found him dripping his milk on our new wool area rug from his bottle that had bites in the nipple just so he could clean it up. My husband was not happy about it as the rug does not recover from spills well. Anyhow, later that night when my son wanted milk he brought it in a cup that my son never had used (plastic, but like a travel mug) with cars on it. My son asked for a bottle and my husband said they were all broken. He told me later that he just could not find our one remaining bottle that was in one piece. My son would ask for milk in a bottle for a few days after, but would accept the cup without a fuss. He now will drink out of a few different cups.

    My doctor had suggested weaning from the bottle at 18 months, but she admitted that her son was 2 and it just happened naturally. I guess they will give it up eventually! I am sure you can continue what you are doing and it may end up working for you, but just thought I'd share as waiting a bit may make it easier on both of you. Good luck!

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    just keep trying and offering it in the sippy cup.....eventually they transition, don't stress over it.

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