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    Default uninstalled software?

    I bought a program for my computer. I installed it on an external hard drive but it is not what I was looking for. The company I bought it from is offering a refund and will send me the correct one, but they have asked me to uninstall if from my computer. The hard drive I have has a bunch of errors and I can't open or do anything on it (it was new, so I have returned it and gotten a new one, that was the only program on it) is the software company going to be able to tell that I never uninstalled it? I don't have it or access to the program anymore anyways, but they won't know that.
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    The only way they would no that you did not install it, is if you used the program again, and it communicated with their server. Since that is not an option based on the state of the hard drive, you are all good!
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