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    Default Mat Leave from Two Jobs


    I am currently working a full time job in which I get paid by two sister companies (ie. I do the same job for both companies but my pay gets alternated between the two businesses each pay period). If I submit my ROE from both companies, will I get paid the same way I would as if I worked at one company? I'm only 15 weeks so I still have time to switch my pay to one employer if I need to, I just didn't know if this was necessary.



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    Hi there-

    You have to have earned at least 600 insurable hours in the year before you take your maternity leave. Check out the website below for more information:

    Employment Insurance Maternity and Parental Benefits - Service Canada

    I would call Service Canada directly to have them answer your question. To be on the safe side I'd probably ask them to pay me from 1 company only. It will make things easier for you when you claim EI (you'll only have to submit 1 ROE etc).

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