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    I did terribly with this! And mostly I forgot about it. But I'm already : books into 2014 which is a great start

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    I didn't manage to finish the list, but I did pretty well, and I think it encouraged me to look for different books. I had two blips last year where I didn't read much because my Kobo went on strike, but I read more than usual and I'm back in the habit. So the challenge was a win for me.

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    I am what they call a prolific reader - I purchase and read at a minimum 2 books a week (it's why my house is such a disaster area). I have a habit of starting series and not being able to walk away - like Kelly Armstrongs "Women of the Otherworld" series - I picked up Bitten because someone said it was good - 3 weeks and 13 books later, I've finished the series.
    The guy at the used book store said to me that I read more than him - and that's saying something.

    The list was easy for me - and certainly didn't include everything read in 2013..... except the poems - I am not a fan of poems.... it's why I'm having trouble getting into the Hopkins books - they read like poems.

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