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    Default Windsor Detroit Shuttle Bus and baseball

    Just wondering if anyone has ever taken the shuttle bus with a baby? We are looking into going to see a baseball game this summer at Comerica Park and taking the bus across. I would like to bring dd, who will be just over a year, but don't really know what the rules are for safe riding on the bus...are they allowed, do you just sit with them? I don't get it. I tried to look for info on their website, but can't find anything regarding child safety, just that kids under 4 ride free.
    While I am at it, has anyone ever taken a lo to a ballgame...would it be too much for her...they are pretty long games. I know in Toronto you can walk around and stuff, which I wouldn't mind doing cuz I'm really not all that interested in's a trip for dh's birthday...but don't know about the park in Detroit.
    Thanks for and help in advance
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