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    Thank you, everyone. Part of the stress is that I work in Long Term Care and of course deaths are a part of that and when you're dealing with this on a personal level it's hard to remain professional when you have to deal with it at work. I hate crying at work, but I'm only human and have broken down a few times every day while I've been there. I'm glad to have a few days away now so that I can stop worrying about falling apart at the seams in front of my co-workers and the residents/families.

    My DH is awesome and he and I have been spending lots of time going through family albums and stuff and reminiscing. It was an eye opener to realize how many family members we've lost since we got married. If my aunt was here she'd be saying “Suck it up, sister! The show must go on!“ so that's what I'm trying to do.

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    So sorry to hear about your losses. ((HUGS))
    Sarah, Mommy to Lindsay October 8, 2003, Logan November 23, 2006 & Cohen September 18, 2010

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