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    Thanks again.

    The family situation is quite complicated. His side of the family are all in the US and quite broken. My (half)sister was his closest relative (he raised her and they were always very close...she is 14yrs older than me and spent a lot of her adult life sort of taking care of him as he was single and lived close by) and is handling everything...the relationship between her and I is quite strained to say the least. My mom's side, of course, has nothing to do with the other side of the family (my mom & dad were never married and my dad moved back to the US when I was 6 months old). So a memorial type thing just isn't going to I know he didn't want anything like that...he told me that many times.

    I've just been going down memory lane today even though the fact that he's gone seems pretty surreal. A very good friend keeps reminding me to just do what I need to do and what feels right for me to get through this. Tomorrow is my birthday - and as he used to say tonight is “Char-mas Eve“ since it's so close to Christmas. DH has been great - I am a sad sight....sick, sad, and my birthday is tomorrow. This is usually my favourite time of year and I've just been bumming around. He cleaned the basement today while I had a nap, and now he's wrapping presents while I look at old pictures online. I'm gonna have to go shopping tomorrow because I still have loads of shopping to do. And cleaning to do. And cooking to do.

    doda - yes, she can be an incredibly sweet little soul.

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    Sorry that there's no one around to share your grief but I'm glad you're finding a way to get through it. I'll continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers.......

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