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    Default Performing Arts Preschool

    We're thinking about registering DD for this preschool in the fall. Has anyone sent their kids there or heard anything about it? TIA!

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    My daughter attended this preschool for 2 years and WE loved it!!!! Excellent program, clean, great teachers. They do many little productions including a Mother's Day Tea perfomance and salute to mom. As well as Easter, Christmas...etc. Great crafts, really hands on...pottery, canvas paintings etc. The music program is also wonderful with introducing numerous music genres. I totally reccommend this school to all my friends. We did this instead of JK! And also added in Oxford Learning Centre which I also recommend and can't say enough good about!!!(the one in the North end @ Fanshawe and Adelaide) Good luck with your decision and if you want to ask me any questions feel free to PM me!

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