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    I need some help with figuring out where my money goes. My boyfriend ( father of my baby) and i broke up and are trying to work things out but he left me with no money like i mean 0.00! starting from the ground up is very hard since i have a baby and on a fixed income. I need help with dividing up the money i have and get from him to take care of the bills. He supported me completely and said he always would and then just took everything from me. I'm scared and don't want to ask my parents i want to stand up on my own and take care of my daughter but i need some help on where to start because i'm a bit lost.

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    Thank you for your email.

    You may want to look into family law on child support.

    You need to make yourself a budget and try to cut monthly spending down to absolute necessary items.

    Also look at other options to bring in more of an income. Could you get a renter? (for example)

    I'm happy to answer you, however, I am Certified Financial Planner who is a wealth manager. You may need more assistance from a debt counseller or legal. THere are organizations out there that do help single mothers as well. Do you have any of these contacts?

    Being a mother is a wonderful thing. Everything will work out.


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