What do you use, where did you get it, was it easy to install, and all that stuff! Today E learned to crawl stairs. And she's FAST!
We have a swinging gate attached at the top of the stairs (actually a ways before they start), which was there when we moved in. I gate off one room so that the cat has somewhere to eat and pee in peace, without baby or doggy to help them.
But mostly otherwise she has the run of the place.
I'm starting to think I should be gating off the bottom of the stairs too though, because even if I'm almost always right with her down here, I could totally see me forgetting about her stair enthusiasm and walking over to put in a load of laundry or starting to tidy up the toys and turning my back for a second.

What can I put in that won't be hard for the five year old and nine year old t oget through?