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    Default Crafts for the holidays - anyone have ideas?

    Normally I do a lot of baking at Christmas and give cookies to everyone - teachers, neighbours, etc. This year I don't think I'm going to have the time to do it all right before Christmas, so I'm going to do the slow and steady approach instead, with maybe some crafty gifts that I would start soon.

    So, anyone here doing homemade gifts for the holidays? What will you be doing? What have you liked in the past? What would you avoid in the future? What did it cost you? Any suggestions for best place to shop and get supplies?

    I'm not averse to hitting up Hobby Lobby in Port Huron as I'll be going at some point soon anyway.

    Should add:
    I'm not a knitter. Sewing knowledge is essentially beginner. I can paint, I can glue and do finicky stuff, I can do beading and paper stuff. No scrapbooking materials other than a regular plain photo cutter from Creative Memories.
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    Are you on Pinterest yet? Because there are a TON of ideas there, no sewing or knitting required.
    Also, alot of baking can be frozen ahead of time that way you're not rushed right before.

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    My plan this year is to make a kleenex “cake“ (using boxes of kleenex as base) and decorate with school supplies around the boxes of kleenex and holding with ribbon. Like an idea of a diaper cake but using school supplies. I stocked up on pencils, erasers, pencil crayons etc in August from teh states. Just have to get kleenex and ribbon. I am thinking it will cost me under $10-15 dollars. As I got the supplies for .50-$1 each. I will also get the teachers a gift card to Chapters too.

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    I'm not crafty but my sister is. She always give those cookies in a jar, which I love getting!

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    If it's for family, we've made the ornaments with the kids handprints on the bottom that turn the fingers into little snowmen (on a glass ball). Hard to explain, but I know there's a link on here somewhere!
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    I saw several things on Pinterest the other day when I was looking, but one thing that stood out was doing personalized ornaments. We will be trying these!!

    Sew Blessed: DIY Glitter Ornaments

    You can always get clear glass ornaments at Michael's. The glitter and floor cleaner wouldn't be too expensive.

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