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    Default Supplementing while at sitter - need help

    Starting next week my LO will start going to his sitter for a few hrs per week to get him adjusted before i go back to work but I was hoping he would take to bm or formula in a bottle or cup. He won't have it! Sometimes he'll take a bit from cup or bottle but not even 2 oz. how can I wean him for the 1 feeding he may need while at sitter? I was trying to bf until 1 yr but will slowly be weaning for when I'm back to work. Help!

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    DD2 was like this. She evetually took a sippy cup at 11 months. I think you are going to have to try having someone else feeding him, when you aren't home. I wouldn't try this on day 1 with the sitter. He is taking something, so that is good, my DD just swatted the bottle / cup and screamed!

    If you can leave him home with someone for an hour to an hour and a half or so (or even better drop him off somewhere that he is familiar with: grandma, friend). Have them feed him, it might work. Some babies are really resiliant!
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    Who is your sitter, someone experienced? It has been my experience that babies will take bottles from someone other than mom, provided they remain calm.
    When mom's there..., well they know there is something better to be had lol
    I have had sitters try to give DS1 a bottle and he refused. However my sister is very experienced with babies and she always got the kids to eat..., so I think that does play into it.

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