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    I was hoping to get some answers to a couple questions. I have been diagnosed with PCOS a couple years ago and the DR then put me on birth control. I stopped taking the birth control because of some other lady issues. I was untreated for just over a year and now I have been put on metformin. I was diagnosed because I went to the dr about hirsutism and they did a blood test and my androgen levels were high. Now aside from blood sugar tests since my original hormone test over two years ago I have not had a Dr try to look into this any further no ultrasound or anything. Should I be asking for them to be looking into it further or is it pointless as it is treated? Also I have been reading about it and people talk about medication cylces..... What is a cycle? All that the Dr told me was here is metformin take one three times a day build up to it and after your husband gets his vasectomy reversed if you are unable to conceive for a year then we can put you on clomid. Any information is helpful thanks!

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    To get diagnosed with PCOS you really just need 2 out of a list of symtpoms. hiruism and androgen levels are big ones. It sounds like the dr is doing a good thing by placing you on metformin. that helps regulate sugars which help regulate the testosterone (androgen) which in turn helps restore a nice balance. A cyce is exactly what it states, its your monthly cycle, or period. In the infertility world we talk about medicated cycles, or monitored cycles which is when you go for bloodwork or utrasounds to see how your follicles or eggs are groing. You only do this if you are trying to concieve and have not after 6 months and are at a fertility clinic. You can be referred to a fertility clinic 6 months after not being able to get pregnant if you have issues such as pcos, you dont have to wait the whole year. If you were not diagnosed you would have waited a year.

    if you have any questions feel free to pm me. I have atypical PCOS or thin pcos, I have no symptoms other than increased androgens but after a year on met I was able to concieve on my own (after failed clomid and letrazole cycles)
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    I have PCOS too. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and was told I'd never have kids. There was very limited knowledge about it then, but they now know that the symptoms can be very different in every woman. I personally chose to treat symptomatically. I didn't get every little thing checked out because it's not like you need to have this and this and this in order to be considered a PCOS patient. The metformin can be very useful in helping some women conceive. You can find lots of info at these two links: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Treatment & Resources

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    I have PCOS, all we did was blood work to confirm it. i have not had a natural period in like 3 years now. I choose not to go on BC all the time,. but only for a dfew days every few months to induce a period.

    when we chose to get preggo, we did a few tests...but i did not have to wait a year of trying or anything becuase we knew what the problem was and knew i would not be able to concieve without help. so after 1 round of clomid i got preggo.
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