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    Default memory keeping

    I thought I would share a thread I found on a different website that has some really great ideas about journaling and scrapbooking your NICU memories. I have not yet done anything other than put her photos in an album. I keep putting off doing any scrapbook pages of her in hospital, I have done lots of her at home. I realized that other people have the same hesitation as me!
    I kept daily "journals" of Sophie's journey as soon as I was out of critical care and was moved to the hospital Sophie was at (at one week old) but have done nothing with it. Maybe now I can start!
    I hope this helps out another NICU mom!


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    I want to do a scarpbook of Lilia's heart she can see how far shes come in her short little life. but its a hard thing to do, i want it to be i find i get stressed about it and havnt started yet. Plus there is a lot of info iw ant to include and she was there for 6.5 a lot of pics to go through.
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