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    Exclamation Playtex Advance Bottles/Nipples

    I just bought the Playtex Advance bottles the other day, and now I am currently trying to find somewhere that has the Stage 1 nipples available, so far I have checked two Walmarts (Fanshawe Prk Rd, and Argyle) and Toys R Us, and have had no luck, all I can find is either the Stage 2 ones or the Wide nipples. Can anyone help? lol Thanks.

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    I knew I had a box up in the cupboard with one nipple in it...just checked and it's a tricut one. Sorry it's not a Stage 1 but it's new in the box (the box has been opened and one nipple missing) and if you could use it down the line it's all yours.

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    All of mine came with the stage one nipples, so I don't know where you can find them but if you need one I have an extra. Sorry I just have one for now, we're still using them, but its yours if you need it until you find some.

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    I found them at walmart at White Oaks, or Shoppers Drug Mart when we used Playtex Advance.

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