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    Default Listing with multiple agencies?

    We've had our house listed with an agent, locked into a 6 month contract, and our agent is horrible. I'm not at all pleased. We are now at the do or die stage in selling our house and our agent is again up north selling cottages. We had no idea this was part of our deal...the complete lack of attention. So now we're wondering if its feasible to list with another agency? We have two agents from the same company on the house now, but neither one is very good, and frankly we aren't sure why the original insisted on signing the other one up. But we need to sell. Fast. We're 4 months into the listing agreement and nothing. We listed at the price the agent suggested, nothing. We've made numerous extra improvements to the house, every single thing that's been suggested...nothing. I know the market it tough but really? We've put extra money into the house, new roof at $4500 and even dropped the price again. I need help...I'm getting really annoyed...and its not like its even an expensive house. The agents get snotty when we ask whats going on...I've completely had it.

    Can I list with another agent? Different agency or should I just go talk to the manager and see what they say? Time is running out...almost as fast as my patience.
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    Hi Jill,

    You have 3 options:

    1. Speak to your Realtor and see if they will release you from your contract.
    2. Speak to you Realtors broker and see if they will either release you from your contract or allow you to work with another Realtor suitable until the end of your contract.
    3. Wait it out.

    Under no circumstances can you list your home with another agent / brokerage until you are released from your current contract.

    Not intended to solicit clients already under contract.
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