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Thread: When to assess?

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    Default When to assess?

    At what age would you recommend having a child assessed for speech? My oldest had an expressive delay (now at 5 is okay), my second has an annunciation problem (at 3) and I have a 16month (consider 14month because of prematurity) who only says two "words". I have had my second son on a waiting list with tyke talk for a couple of months now and don't want to be left waiting if my youngest also needs help, but also don't want to jump the gun.

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    Default When to assess?

    You know your child best. If you think there might be a problem with your child's speech or language skills, you might be right. Early intervention is key, and talking about those concerns with a Speech-Language Pathologist (no matter how small you may think they are!) can either assure you that your child is right on track, or can give you important information about your child's development.

    Children between 12 and 17 months typically:
    - make noises and laugh to show excitement, happiness, pleasure
    - wave hello, goodbye
    - understand “no“
    - say words like “mama“, “dada“ and use more and more words every month
    - can follow one-step directions (e.g., “throw the ball')

    For more information, here is a great article from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association that outlines many of your questions and concerns Late Blooming or Language Problem?.

    For a complete Parent Guide to children's speech and language skills, along with tips and checklists, visit
    from CASLPA, the Canadian Association for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

    TykeTALK, Welcome to, is a great place to start. There are also several private practices in the area.


    Brittany Rickard
    Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO
    Rejuvenate Health Services | 2386 Main Street | London, Ontario | (519) 652-0740
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