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    Default toddler wants to eat/take baby siblings food to deal with this?

    so i started to feed my little DS baby food-oat cereal. and toddler DD wants it. so i make a bowl for her just to spoon up and eat and pass time to keep her occupied while i feed the baby, but nope! she wants babys bowl TOO!!!!! so she wants both bowls!!!! i try to explain to her that she can only have one. but she wants both. i dont know what to do. i try to explain and explain. do i have to ignore it? it becomes pretty much like a tantrum. so now mealtimes have become harder in front of the toddler.

    so how do i deal with this?? just let her cry it out? i mean ive tried to explain it to her but she's too young to get it?? i dont do i deal with this battle????

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    i think our kids are are arund the same ages (2.5yrs and 4.5m) i had the same issue with ds when i tired feeding dd, i have made a strict no babyfood rule, dd food is her food the first few times he need a time out. ds is old engough to under the difference between her stuff and his stuff. i have also done the “you want a baby item then i treat you like a baby“ back in the crib and nap times. and that normaly ends it, ds doesnt want dd baby stuff anymore.

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    With the daycare I have experienced this many times while feeding the babies. I explain to the toddler that this is the babies food and the redirect with a toy, book, etc. If the continue to act out then they get a time out. It usually only takes a couple of times before they realize that they are not going to get the baby's food and the eventually just go about their playing while baby is eating. Just decide what you want to rules about baby food to be and be consistent.
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