When you can edit your forum settings and such, mention that with the VBTest, it will be far more accessible to those using screenreading software or a smartphone. Also, under the VBTEST in the combo box, Title it VBTEST: Easier for screen readers/smartphones. If you do it in both places, it's sure not to be missed. Heck, you could even stick it as part of the intro welcome message that you send out to everyone who joins the forum as a sort of sidenote or footer. If you need any other accessibility related help, I'd be happy to test and enlighten this wonderful community. Although the VBTest is a more accessible interface, one shouldn't have to limit his or herself to using only that. Some visually impaired users may still wish to use the full graphical interface and the whole idea of accessibility is to make it available to everyone. An lm said that the VBTest was pretty drab. Well, it's a shortterm solution but ultimately, the goal should be that both methods are equally usable.