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    Default Back to back mat leaves

    I am currently on mat leave and pregnant. Even if I go back to work early, I won't have enough hours to collect EI.

    If I don't plan to collect EI (I know I won't qualify), is there anything else preventing me from taking another mat leave shortly after this one ends? I realize I won't have any pay, but will I still get the full year?


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    To ensure 100% clarity on your situation, I'd annonymously call the EI helpline: 1-800-531-5551

    From what I understand, the only qualification to receiving maternity leave time, is as follows:

    “To be eligible for Pregnancy leave, an employee has to be hired at least 13 weeks before the date the baby is due, or expected to be born--not the date the baby is actually born.
    An employee doesn't have to actively work for 13 weeks to be eligible for Pregnancy leave. The employee could be on layoff, vacation, sick leave or have started Pregnancy leave in the 13-week period before the due date, and still be entitled to her Pregnancy leave.“

    Therefore, you should be eligible to have time off. As you said, if you don't have enough hours, then you might not be eligible to receive EI payment.

    Hope that helps!

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