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    Red face Website?

    I need to create a website for my company. I have no idea where to start, what to expect to pay, what to watch out for, do pay someone to set it up or is it step by step? I need all the dirt from square one as I'm not a tech person at all. Please help.
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    Hi Stepher,

    First of all, my company ( is a web design company, and I am the head of design so you are definitely talking to the right person! Send me an email at or a PM and I can help you get started!

    But, to answer your question for any looking; here we go:

    A business website should be built on three pillars:
    1) Who is my target market. If you know who your target market is, you can very easily decide colours, style and the aesthetics of the site. If LondonMoms was actually a Harley Davidson motorcycle forum, the target market would have a hard time to take it seriously and probably leave right away. You want to design your site according to your target market., for example caters to families with young children and that is visible before you even read the text.
    2) What am I offering? Sadly, many people do not take this seriously. When you create a site for a business, have an end goal in mind. “I want to sell products.“ is an example of such a goal. Your site, then, can be designed to encourage the visitors and make it easy for them to get to the end goal.
    3) What is my selling feature? Why do people want to deal with you over other people? If there are a hundred deal sites like GroupOn, why is Groupon doing better than the rest? Because they offer better deals and once you get one, you get emailed about all following deals. Think about what you can offer better.

    Now that you are done thinking about all those ideas, now is the time to find a web designer and get an initial quote. Since websites are very different, I cant really give you a realistic price range to go off of. Just remember that it is one thing to have a site, but you also want to make sure it gets found. Ask the designer about how to market the site and get it to appear higher in Google. A good designer will build the site so that Google finds it quickly.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note.

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