Hi Everyone!

My name is Liz MacKinnon. I am a Registered Speech Language Pathologist and have been practicing since 1980 when I graduated from the University of Western Ontario.

I have worked in hospitals, school boards, children’s treatment centres and mental health facilities. Presently, I work at Rejuvenate Health Services where I provide assessments, consultations and therapy to children and their families. My areas of interest include childhood speech and language disorders, apraxia, augmentative communication and literacy development. I have had a broad range of experience with children who have developmental concerns, physical challenges and communication disorders. Please feel free to send your questions to me about communication development. Thank you,

Liz MacKinnon
Speech Language Pathologist & CEO
Rejuvenate Health Services
Tel: 519-652-6280 (Lambeth) or 519-614-0741 (Oakridge)
Fax: 519-652-2417