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    Default soap crayons

    I decided to give making soap crayons a try today. after all those great ideas you ladies gave me for more natural bath time fun ideas.

    I read a few recipes for ivory soap crayons. I was too curious and just haaaad to try. I hate ivory soap btw, my hands age 10 years every time I use the stuff. well, let me tell you how much ivory soap SUCKS to work with! seriously!. I'd read a tip online that said adding a little beeswax and veg oil will soften them enough to draw on skin. the problem is melting the soap was friggen impossible. next time I'm trying glycerin soap (preferably made by me but we'll see). I really want to perfect my bath crayon making so as I go through my attempts I'll post them here for others too... we'll see in 2 days whether this one worked or not.

    feel free to give me pointers.

    1 bar of soap
    1 tbsp of veg oil
    2-4 tbsp of water
    1/2 tsp of beeswax

    food coloring

    melt and pour into mold.
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    I'm sure they'll be better than this fail:
    A Soapy Error of Phallic Proportions | CraftFail

    Looking forward to your results!

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