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    Smile INO Butt Paste? I'm heading to London

    I know many people here have had issues with diaper rash lately and many many many people out here in Halifax swear by Buttocks Paste by Panta (aka IWK Butt Paste). Some say it's the only thing that will actually clear up their baby's bottom.

    I know people who have it shipped out to AB and BC because they can't get it out there. Apparently the "magical" ingredient is produced in NS and the product is put out but a Dartmouth, NS company.

    I'll be headed to London on Tuesday and I can bring some with me if anyone is interested. It comes in a couple of different sizes.

    $9.99 plus tax for a 100 g size ($11.29 incl tax)
    $21.99 plus tax for a 240 g size ($24.85 incl tax)

    I'll call around tomorrow and if I can get a better price, I'll repost (though I'm guessing it's the MSRP) or I'll refund the difference.

    If anyone wants some post here or PM me and I can give you my PayPal info for payment. They will have to be picked up at my mom's store at Adelaide Street North and Commissioners.

    If there is anything else Nova Scotian you're craving, let me know an I'll see what I can do


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    Quote Originally Posted by MilkyMama View Post
    If there is anything else Nova Scotian you're craving, let me know an I'll see what I can do

    Well there is one thing but I am certain you cant do it
    hahah yup lobster....
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    Im in Sackville so im close what is the stuff and where can i buy it?
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