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    Default Who should claim child?

    I just tried to use Studio Tax for the first time - and it said that I owed and DH will get a small return (luckily they will balance each other out woo hoo to that).

    My question - I make almost double what DH does. I claimed DD on mine - including the daycare etc.

    Will it be more in our fav if DH claims her? I know that I HAVE to claim the $100 a month we get cause it comes in my name - but what about daycare? Can he even claim that if I am the one who gets the $100?

    Thinking I might as well just pay someone to do them but if these numbers are right then we will be out money - the cost of paying someone to do them!

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    Hi ANON,

    A couple of things that you'll need to change:

    The person with the lowest income HAS to claim the childcare and the UCCB. There is no option with these ... so you need to put those on your DH's return. It doesn't matter if the UCCB comes in your name - it needs to go on the return with the person who has the lowest income. Same with child care.

    Either of you can claim the non-refundable child amount (around $2200 per child) but it make the most sense for the person with the highest income to claim them because it almost always saves the most tax.

    Sorry it wasn't likely the answer you wanted as your payable will now go up .... hopefully his refund offsets still!

    ETA: I'm surprised Studio tax didn't make the change automatically --- did you override cells to put the amounts on your? Just be careful if you're overriding amounts .... it's a real pain to file and then have to fix!
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