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    Default Suggestions for French

    I'm not a homeschooling mom per se...DSS goes to a public school but on weekends he works on a small curriculum that gets him ready for the next grade that I've put together for him (eg he's in grade 2 now so on weekends he is working at a grade 3 curriculum). He loves it, he thrives on school espescially science but he has asked about French now. They do not get into French at this age at his school so he knows no French and my French is very very basic.

    Wondering if any of you homeschooling mamas can recommend some good sites for very beginner French that you may use. I was never actually planning on teaching DSS French and just let him go through it when he gets there through the public school but he's asked for it so I'd like to provide.


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    I would look for some CDs or DVDs. There are CDs I know that teach french colours, numbers, body parts.
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    When I taught core French, I loved the website and forum for AIM Language Learning. It is a different philosophy of teaching French and I LOVED it. It uses drama and hand signs to teach French with a focus on high frequency words. I'm not sure how helpful it would be to a homeschooling Mom, but might be worth a look.
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    My kids have enjoyed powerspeaK. It's kid-friendly and they can work on it independently. Several different languages are available, and it goes from beginner to high school. If you try the demo first, you get a discount coupon to use on a subsequent purchase.

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