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    Default Excited to be a part of London Moms!

    We are so excited to be part of the team of experts on London Moms. I grew up in South Western Ontario for most of my childhood. London was always considered a very special place to visit for my family when I was a child. I still believe London is one of the prettiest cities in Canada!

    I have worked in the child care industry for 25 years. I first fell in love with working in the child care industry as a teenager when I worked at a day care centre. After graduating from Ryerson University with an ECE degree, I moved to Bruce County and assisted families to find daycare solutions in their community. I then continued working in the industry at McMaster Hospital and Halton Region. After having my second daughter, I started and My services have been growing strong for 10 years.

    I am really looking forward to helping parents on with any child care questions. If you have questions about daycare, nursery, babysitters or nannies please let me know!

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    I have a question about two months old baby. I am new mom and I am so confused about how to make schedule for my baby's sleep. I want him to but in the bed around 8m but my baby like to sleep day time instead and want wake most at night. Could you please tell me what can I do about it.

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