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    Default Claiming tuition amounts continued...

    OP here. Sorry, I couldn't post in my first thread. Thanks very much for answering that.

    So if I fill out the T1 adjustment form and mail it in, do I then just claim the amounts on my 2011 tax return? Or do I have to wait to get something back from the CRA first?

    Also, I combed through all of my tax documents (proud to say they are very organized now!!) and found 4 RRSP receipts from 2008 and 2009 that I never claimed either. Can I just claim these for 2011 or do I have to do an adjustment for these as well?

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    Hi there again

    Yes, fill in the T1 adjust and mail in. Not sure you're situation but if you had taxable income in 2009 or 2010 the tuition would need to be applied against these amounts before 2011. CRA may or may not do this automatically but before you claim in 2011 ensure you couldn't have claimed earlier.

    The RRSP contributions are permissible deductions which means you don't HAVE to use them in a year you have taxable income. You can choose to apply them in any year you make them or later (so save for a year your marginal rates are higher is fine). Technically you should file T1 Adjusts for these too rather than just include when you find them

    Keep in mind that processing a T1 adjustment request isn't always a quick process - you may need to be patient with letters back and forth if you claim on your 2011 return but they haven't finished updating the 2008 adjustments. It will all work out - you'll just need to be patient and potentially send in copies of what you've already submitted to substantiate your claims.

    Happy filing!

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