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    Default Rent reciepts

    So our landlords from last year have giving our account over to a collection agency because they are demanding an extra month's rent from us. We were there for January last year and our last months covers Feb. but they say due to the fact that we didn't give 60 days notice, they want an extra amount for the month of march. Do we claim that in our income tax - do we have to pay that full amount first to the collection agency in order to claim it... it's kind of a sticky situation in my opinion. We were planning on using money from this years income tax to pay the collection agency off, but if we pay that amont then aren't we entitled to claiming another month of rent... sorry if this is confusing and scattered.
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    I think I follow

    You claim what you actually pay and have the receipt to support the amounts.

    Hope it all works out!

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    You only claim what you've actually paid. Once it goes to collections, I don't think you can claim it as a rent payment. That being said, 1 month of rent doesn't usually amount to that much on income tax.
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