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    Default He's like one of those creepy dolls

    You know the ones with eyes that open when you sit them up and close when you lie them down.

    Except hes a broken one. Eyes closed snoring in my arms, the minute I put him down in the bassinette hes awake and crying. Pick him up and eyes close again.

    We went through this nearly a dozen times last night before he stayed asleep. Than as soon as he woke to eat, it started again.

    He doesnt give me a drozy time to put him down half asleep, he just crashes so I dont know how to fix this.

    I was fine with cosleeping while he was nursed, but it makes me weary to have him in bed now that he is formula fed.
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    That must be so frustrating! I always rock my DD for at least 10 minutes once she's in a deep sleep before putting her down. I also swaddle her at night and I think that helps keep her asleep. I used to use a hot water bottle in her crib to help make the transfer from arms to crib easier. I use a white noise CD too. A fan could work too.
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    Same here, I have to rock DS for at least 20 mins while he's asleep before I put him down or he'll wake up like nothing ever happened. I swaddle him as well (and just started swaddling him for naps too) and play continuous white noise (if not he sometimes will wake up when it's too quiet).
    Good luck, I know what you're going through and it will get better!

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