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    Quote Originally Posted by girlsmum View Post

    Whew!...................I finally got my soaker done. I was able to show Lauren my soaker minus about 5 stitches and she thought it would look cute to show a pic before and after I felted it in the wash. Nothing fancy but for my first one, I kinda like it!! I have to option of crocheting a lacy look around the legs too when I have the time.

    So this is the before felting look.............
    So cute! I think the crochet around the legs would look super with just a t-shirt for a summer outfit!

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    It probably is Lion Brand, I'll check for my labels in my pattern drawer and let you know. If you get flyers, there is usually a Michael's ad with a 40 per cent off coupon everyone week, occasionally it's 50 off like this past week. The only catch is you can only use it on a single item. But if it only takes one ball for your soaker you're all set. I think I knitted that same pattern for DD. It's army green, and I did the crocheted edge, not frilled just scalloped. I kept messing up picking up stitches to do ribbed ones so I gave up. The scallop isn't so boyish for DS, LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lhastie View Post
    So cute! I think the crochet around the legs would look super with just a t-shirt for a summer outfit!
    Thanks Lauren, you got a chance to see how chaotic our household can be and why a few rows a day can be a challenge,lol. But that link also has a pattern for a nice spaghetti strap top to go with it. I just wanted to get the main soaker done so I can use it and it's nice and huge for my girls' tiny rears so if it shrinks in the wash it'll fit nicely then.
    I'm going to check for a coupon cuz I really like this soaker, I do have 2 balls of yarn left in other colours, but after finishing one it could become an addiction!! I'll have to use another colour though to add the frill around the leg which would be nice if I used a colour to match the top, hmm............thinking as I'm typing. Must have more yarn!!

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    You did a great job, looks fabulous. I do lots of things but knitting isn't one of them.

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