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    A friend of mine was an idoit and got busted about 5 years ago with driving with no car insurance. She paid the fines and has not had insurance since (does not own a car or drive).
    She is thinking about getting a car again... I know she will most likley be treated as a new driver again but how long will she need to wait before they will no longer consider the no insurance charges? When she tried to get quotes years before it was insane the prices because of the charge.
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    Hi Anonymous,

    There are many factors that play into that for us. If it was strictly a conviction for driving with no insurance, there is no rating affect beyond a 3 year period. However, if there was, additionally a license suspension, that would play a role in the overall premium. Insurance would be available of course, but the premium level would be higher. If your friend has any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 519-539-6550

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