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    Default last minute..white oaks mall today

    I'm headed over this afternoon 1230-430 ish, if anyone wants to meet for coffee/dessert/shopping therapy.

    pm me/post before noonish and I can send you my cell #, or post where we can meet

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    I would love to go as I need to get out of the house but older DS is sick with a cough and younger DS has lots of gas so I will be staying put here today with DH who is home on paternity leave this week.

    I really want to go to the Gap and get younger DS a couple of their great sleepers and infant hats in blue as baby James has 3 blue sleepers, 2 that are 0-3 m and is getting too small as he is now is 3-6m and 2 cranberry coloured ones that are also getting too small as they are newborn ones too.

    Maybe tomorrow I can go to Whiteoaks in the afternoon while DH is looking after the kids while they nap.

    Have fun and enjoy a dessert/coffee!
    Granola is a Mum to 2 wonderful boys

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    I would totally join you but my boys just don't do well with malls LOL. I love to go but they were born to hate it....just like their father.

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    Amazing how fast they grow! I don't think my dd even fit into the newborn sleepers

    My ds was a great shopper..dd on the other hand HATED the mall. They're both in d/c this afternoon so I'm taking advantage and picking up some stuff I must get (like dessert lol).

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    i would have but i got this too late and i dont think that Jonny would like it today! Maybe some other time! I hope tha toyu have fun!
    Mom to Ben, Jonathan and Zachary

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