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    Default Would like some input please!

    I have been contemplating taking a course I am very interested in for a while now. It is an Interior Re-design course online through QC Design School. I have up to 3 years to complete it apparently, so plenty of time They have a special on right now if I pay for the full course (which includes all of the materials, etc) it will cost me $698 or I can pay monthly and my total would be $848 (if I do it, I will pay in full, as it is cheaper). I have never in my life taken any kind of course like this but I will admit, I do have a flare for colours, what goes with what, etc. I love doing these kinds of projects in my own house and I would like to believe from the compliments I have received for my own house, that I would be good at working at doing this line of work for other people in their homes! Sooo.....shall I bite the bullet and go for it? I am currently a SAHM with no income I have both a university degree (Sociology) and a college diploma (Social Services Worker) but I hve no desire to work in those fields but it did give me some experience and insight into working with other people, which comes in handy to have people skills in general, as well as good listening skills, etc!
    I find myself busy with my 2 boys but they are fairly independent and play together (not always well lol!) and I have lots of spare time to sit on here and type messages out, read others posts, send emails to ppl, etc.....I think I could definitely make the time to add in this course, what do you think?
    Input is much appreciated! I guess it's just been so long since I was in school (11 years ago already! wow!) and I haven't taken any courses since 1997, so I am just a bit nervous, that's all I guess this is to be expected? Do you ladies feel there is a need for this line of work? Will I get work if and when I am finished taking this course?
    Thanks for any words of encouragement, positive thoughts, advice of any sort, as well as cons (if anyone can think of any?) of doing this!
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    Will I get work if and when I am finished taking this course?
    You'll definitely want to research this before you make your final decision.

    I think if you want go for it go for it girl! You only live once and in 10 years from now do you want to look back and say "oh I wish I..." (and that goes for anything you want to do in life) So ya go for it girl! You can do it!

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    I'm not sure about if you'll get work, as I know nothing about the field. But if it's something you can afford & are interested in..I'd say go for it!! Education is never a waste.

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