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    Default planning to get a new kitchen stove, thinking GAS...any suggestions/SAFETY tips?

    planning to get a new stovetop. looking into gas stovetop. thinking it will be better to cook with. just worried about all the safety issues of carbon monoxide risk and fire issues.

    does anyone have a gas cooktop they can share their experiences with?

    any tips/suggestions?

    whats a good brand model??

    or would you prefer electric? induction? or coil top instead??

    i have a toddler 2 yrs and another on the way....and a husband i am worried could accidentally leave the stovetop on-or perhaps thats just my worry....

    im trying to do research but am so undecided....i need to hear it from some moms out there!!! thanks!!!

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    I switched from an electric to a gas stove just over a month ago and I love how it cooks! Mine is an LG. Make sure a gas fitter installs it ( I recommend the fireplace guys). The first week I accidentally turned it on without lighting and u could tell in a couple minutes cause CO2 smells so I wouldn't be worried that you wouldn't notice it. My knobs you have to press in and turn so harder for kids to accidentally press.

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    I have a gas stove and would never go back! I love it. I really can't tell you much abbout them though as for makes and brands etc. Ours came with the house and once it dies I will be another.

    The only problem with leaving the oven on would be wasting gas. While a flame as ignited there is no danger (other thanopen flame) but I mean you are not letting gas leak out of the stove which is your biggest danger.

    You will need to put in a gas line that will cost about $100.00 I believe.

    I find the top cooks things a little faster but the inside of the oven is a bit slower so add a few minutes to your food.


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    I love love love mine. I have been using gas for about 8 years and it is awesome. The only issue I have ever had was the ignitor not igniting fast enough and there being a gassy smell. It was fixed easily though.

    When I am cleaning it I wish for a flat top range though. lol

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