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    Default Dying with fibre reactive dye...can I keep it a few days?

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm hoping someone can help me out. I dyed some diapers for the first time today and mixed a tie dye solution. I didn't get to use it all and I can't justify the kids being any more bored today, lol.

    Can I keep the dye? Or do I need to chuck it? How about the soda ash soak? I made the whole gallon and hardly used any...

    K ~ Wife and Helpmeet to J, SAHM to DD, M ('05) and DS, B ('07) an'd blessing no. 3 due Oct.'09!

    I have a snap press! PM if you have something that needs resin snaps replaced or added. Diapers, clothes, etc.

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    I've read that if you keep it in a cool dark spot it'll keep for a week or so. I've never tried it myself though.

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